Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost – Why You Should Visit An Expert

wisdom teeth removal cost chatswood

wisdom teeth removal cost chatswood

Thanks to the advances of modern dentistry, most of us do not need our wisdom teeth. Intended to be back-up teeth to the molars, if they are not required to replace missing teeth the wisdom teeth may present with complications. At Toothsome Implants Chatswood our highly trained team aims to deliver a smooth wisdom tooth extraction process and keep your wisdom teeth removal cost affordable.


What Are The Wisdom Teeth?

As the last teeth to emerge in the mouth, your wisdom teeth will probably emerge in your late teens or early twenties. 

Sometimes the wisdom teeth may only partially emerge from the gums. In other cases, the tooth will become impacted or get stuck. For some patients, the wisdom teeth grow too long or a piece of gum remains over the top of the tooth.

When there are problems with the wisdom teeth they need to be removed. If they aren’t removed some complications can occur:


Infections May Develop

When a wisdom tooth is stuck or impacted it makes cleaning the area very difficult. Poor dental hygiene can lead to infections.


Tooth Decay May Occur

Tooth decay is common in impacted and partially erupted wisdom teeth, usually because of the difficulties associated with cleaning.


The Benefits Of Working With An Experienced Dental Surgeon 

Dr Willis is both a dental surgeon and medical practitioner, able to assist patients holistically, and he is very experienced in wisdom teeth removal. While wisdom tooth extractions are common there are scenarios that require the expertise of an experienced dental surgeon.

Consulting with an expert ensures a smooth extraction and an affordable wisdom teeth removal. Should any complications occur, Dr Willis will be able to manage them expertly.

Wisdom tooth removal near nerves

Removing a wisdom tooth safely that is close to the nerve is a more complex procedure that requires a higher degree of skill. Dr David Willis has been performing these procedures since 2004. He is able to do these for his patients awake in the dental chair under local anaesthetic or if preferred or required, he can do these for his patients asleep in hospital.

Extracting wisdom teeth that are damaged or decayed

Extracting a tooth that is damaged or decayed also requires a higher level of skill in order not to break or damage the tooth further. Working with a skilled dental surgeon is also advisable if an infection or gum disease is present.

Avoiding bone loss

how much does wisdom teeth removal cost wisdom teeth removal cost chatswood

You may not know this, but bone loss does occur in the jaw after a tooth is removed. Dr Willis can assist with ridge preservation after extracting your teeth. This process entails placing bone graft material into the tooth socket to prevent bone loss.

Patients who have been missing teeth for some time and who want to move forward with dental implant treatment may need a bone graft to be done before their implant procedure if their jaw isn’t thick enough to support implants.


Keeping Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Affordable

At Toothsome we’re able to offer our patients cost-effective wisdom tooth extractions because it is one of our three core services. Our practice is well equipped to assist our patients efficiently. 

A smooth, efficient and well managed wisdom tooth extraction procedure means a smooth recovery for you. 

At Toothsome, we are confident that our fees for the wisdom tooth removal, anaesthetic and hospital stay are very competitive. 

Please feel free to call Toothsome if you are concerned about the costs of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.


What Complications Can Occur?

The majority of wisdom tooth extractions go smoothly, however some complications may occur. These include:

Pain, bleeding or swelling at the site of the extraction

A little discomfort, swelling and bleeding can be expected on the day of your surgery. In the days following your procedure these side effects will clear up.

An infection at the site

Poor dental hygiene or undiagnosed gum disease can lead to an infection at the site.

Dry socket

If the blood clot that forms over the wound comes off, a painful condition called dry socket can occur. This is more common in people that smoke and people that take oral contraception.

Damage to nerves and surrounding teeth

By working with a skilled and experienced dental surgeon patients can minimise the risk of damage to their nerves and the surrounding teeth.


How Much Does Expert Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

At Toothsome we’re pleased to offer our patients a complimentary wisdom tooth removal consultation, so we can create a treatment plan and cost estimate for you. You do not need a referral from your dentist to visit Toothsome in case you need wisdom tooth extraction. 

To find out more about wisdom teeth removal cost and what you can expect, kindly contact us for your wisdom tooth consultation: Please call us on:

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