How Much Does It Cost to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth chatswood

how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth chatswood

Your dentist typically recommends the removal of wisdom teeth to relieve any discomfort they may be causing. Wisdom teeth removal cost is determined by the type of extraction, surgeon fee, anaesthetic fee and hospital fee.


What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars and the last set of teeth to grow in. They usually won’t appear until your late teens or early 20s, and not everyone will get them. There are two sets of wisdom teeth; two in the top arch of your mouth and two in the bottom arch. However, not every person will get all 4 wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth begin to grow in, you may feel a throbbing sensation in the jaw. Your dentist can monitor their progress using an X-ray and may recommend that you make an appointment to have them assessed by a dental or oral surgeon.


Reasons for an extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is not uncommon. Your dentist may sometimes recommend wisdom teeth removal even before problems arise to prevent any future issues or pain. Wisdom teeth may not need to be removed, but discomfort or difficulty brushing and flossing may be good reasons for extraction. Wisdom teeth removal is easier when you are younger because bones are not as dense, and the tooth roots are not fully developed.


Signs and symptoms of wisdom teeth problems

Some common signs and symptoms of wisdom teeth problems include pain, swelling, swollen gums, bad breath or taste in the mouth, discomfort when opening your mouth and bleeding.

A routine dental checkup may reveal decay on your wisdom teeth or bone loss around the wisdom tooth. Some people also get decay or resorption of the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth because of the impacted wisdom teeth.


Determining  the Cost

Calculating wisdom teeth removal cost depends on factors such as the type of anaesthesia used, hospital fees, surgeon fees and complexity of the case.


Simple extraction cost

A simple extraction is typically the least expensive method. It involves a general dental item number such as 311. This method is used for teeth that can be wiggled out or ‘pulled’. If the tooth has completely emerged, the dental surgeon can usually use special instruments to remove the tooth without the need to cut the gum or jaw bone. Most simple extractions can be performed under a local anaesthetic at a dental practice. In Australia, the fee can vary considerably but $150-$250 is not uncommon.


How much does it cost to remove an impacted wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth that is impacted means that it is not fully emerged in the mouth. It may be covered by gum and/or jaw bone or stuck behind a tooth. These impacted wisdom teeth will require a surgical extraction that involves creating access through the gum and bone to access the impacted tooth.

The tooth may then need to be cut into smaller pieces before it is removed. This procedure involves a major dental item number such as 323 or 324. In Australia, the fee can vary considerably but $350 – $500 is not uncommon.

Because wisdom teeth are a long way back in the mouth, some people don’t like having dental procedures performed so far back.

Access may be more difficult for the dental surgeon and the tooth may be near a nerve in your lower jaw or near your sinus in your top jaw.

wisdom teeth removal cost how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth chatswood

There are 3 types of anaesthetics that Dr Willis may suggest for the removal of wisdom teeth.

These are local anaesthetics (dental injection), conscious sedation or twilight sedation (oral tablets or IV medication) and general anaesthetic (asleep in a hospital).

For impacted wisdom teeth with limited access, hooked roots or deep in your jaw bone, the procedure may need to be performed in a hospital by a dental surgeon under general anaesthetic. In these situations, the surgical fee charged by Dr David Willis at Toothsome remains the same.

However, the patient will incur a hospital fee and an anaesthetic fee. Dr David Willis has negotiated very competitive hospital and anaesthetic fees in Sydney. In our experience, these fees sometimes work out cheaper than paying a dental sedationist (dentist with a diploma in conscious sedation) and a general dentist to perform the wisdom tooth removal in a dental practice under twilight sedation. In 2019, our Toothsome patients in Sydney paid $2600 total for the removal of all 4 wisdom teeth asleep in hospital – including surgical, anaesthetic and hospital fees (before their Medicare and health fund rebates).


How much does the anaesthetic cost for wisdom teeth removal?

Dr Willis is a dual-qualified medical doctor and dental surgeon and for safety reasons at Toothsome, we only use medically qualified Specialist Anaesthetists for our sedation and general anaesthetics. We do not use general dentists with a diploma in conscious sedation for our twilight anaesthesia.

Local anesthesia involves a dental injection locally around the wisdom tooth. The area is completely numb so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. You will still feel some pressure and be aware of what is happening. At Toothsome, we typically perform procedures under local anaesthesia in our Chatswood and Baulkham Hills clinics. Most doctors do not charge extra for the local anaesthetic. At Toothsome, we do not charge for local anaesthetic.

Conscious sedation or twilight sedation involves taking a medicine that acts centrally to reduce anxiety and awareness of the procedure. You are still aware of what is going on but feel more relaxed. When the medicine starts working, your dental surgeon will also numb the wisdom tooth with a local anaesthetic. At Toothsome, we work with medically qualified Specialist Anaesthetists for twilight sedation. The fee charged by the Specialist Anaesthetist depends on the length of the procedure. Most procedures take less than an hour and the fee with our Anaesthetist is usually less than what a dental sedationist will charge you. The anaesthetic fee from a medically qualified Anaesthetist is also eligible for a Medicare rebate.

General anesthesia involves being completely asleep in a hospital. Dr Willis performs these procedures in fully accredited hospitals with the assistance of registered theatre and recovery nurses. The anaesthetic is administered by a medically qualified Specialist Anaesthetist. These medical doctors have done further advanced training in anaesthetics and are specialists in their field.

The fee is usually less than what a dental sedation charges. What’s more, the anaesthetic fee from a medically qualified Anaesthetist is also eligible for a Medicare rebate.


How much does a dentist or surgeon charge for wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal costs vary considerably between dentists, surgeons and dental practices. Wisdom teeth can be removed with a simple extraction or may need a surgical extraction. Simple extractions are less expensive and use a general dental item number such as 311. Surgical extractions are more expensive because of the instruments needed for the procedure, the time required to remove the tooth and the training and experience of the surgeon. Surgical extractions use a major dental item number such as 323 or 324.

wisdom teeth how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth chatswood

At Toothsome, our dental surgeon Dr David Willis offers very competitive fees for wisdom teeth removal. Because we have streamlined our practice and have more than 15 years of experience in wisdom teeth surgery and dental implants, we are able to reduce our overheads without compromising the quality of healthcare. Dr Willis has also negotiated extremely competitive hospital and anaesthetic fees.

In 2019, Dr David Willis was able to offer his patients in Sydney a total cost of $2600 (before any eligible Medicare or health fund rebates) for the removal of 4 wisdom teeth asleep in the hospital. This total fee includes the surgical fee, anaesthetist fee and the hospital fee. We also provide payment plans which enable you to pay back over time, with up to 12 months interest-free.


Bottom Line

At Toothsome Implants Chatswood, determining how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth depends on whether it will be a simple or complex extraction, the number of teeth to be extracted and the type of anaesthetic used.


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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. The content of this article is general in nature only and may not be specific for your circumstances.