How to Fix a Broken Tooth? Several Treatment Options For You to Help

how to fix a broken tooth sydney

how to fix a broken tooth sydney

A broken tooth is a traumatic and painful experience. Sometimes, a broken tooth is so severe that it is considered a dental emergency. 

Whether you broke your tooth while eating or because of an accidental blow to the face, seeking dental care as soon as possible can help restore your smile and maintain the health of your teeth. An emergency dentist understands how to fix a broken tooth and presents you with all your treatment options such as dental extractions or dental implant.  


Determine if Your Broken Tooth is a Dental Emergency

Your teeth are incredibly strong and meant to last a lifetime without cracking or breaking. Sometimes accidents happen, and your tooth can crack or chip under pressure. When this happens, you must assess the damage to determine if a visit to the emergency dentist is necessary. 


Small Chips and Cracks

A small crack or chip usually isn’t a dental emergency. If you aren’t experiencing any pain in your broken tooth, even when you swish water around your mouth, that’s a good sign, indicating your tooth suffered minor damage. 

As soon as you notice a small chip or crack, you should call your dentist and explain what happened. Discuss your symptoms and any medications you’ve taken recently. This can help your dentist determine if the damage constitutes a dental emergency. Once they understand your situation, your dentist will advise you on the next steps and recommended treatments for how to fix a broken tooth. 


Painful or Sharp Broken Teeth

A painful broken tooth is a dental emergency. You need quick treatment to not only relieve your discomfort but to maintain the health of your tooth. Large breaks can damage the dental pulp, which is home to your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves. When your dental pulp is exposed, you are at risk of infection. In extreme cases, this infection can spread to your bloodstream, making you seriously ill.

If you are experiencing throbbing pain after breaking your tooth, this also warrants a call to the emergency dentist. Also, any broken teeth that leave a sharp pointed edge could cause more damage to your mouth’s soft tissues. Jagged tooth edges require immediate attention to relieve discomfort and protect your mouth from further injury. 


How to Fix a Broken Tooth?

It’s possible to restore your smile to its former beauty and function after you have broken a tooth. A skilled emergency dentist can offer you several treatment options to restore the look and feel of your natural teeth, such as a root canal and dental crown. You should discuss how to fix a broken tooth with your dentist before deciding which option is best for you. 


Tooth Extraction

If the crack in your broken tooth goes below the gum line, you will need a tooth extraction. Don’t delay treatment of your dental emergency and seek the help of an emergency dentist right away.

treatment options how to fix a broken tooth sydneyThis reduces your risk of infection and long-term complications. 

Tooth extractions can be complicated if your tooth broke in multiple places. An experienced dental surgeon can provide the care you need to extract your tooth safely and with minimal discomfort.

Tooth extraction is just the first step to fixing your broken tooth. Missing teeth leave a gap in your mouth that affects more than just your smile. When you are missing a tooth, your jaw health is at risk. Because there is no stimulation to the jaw bone via the tooth root, missing teeth can cause bone resorption in the jaw


Dental Implants

Permanent dental implants are a treatment option for restoring your teeth after tooth extraction. A dental implant is a titanium post embedded into your jawbone and attached to an artificial crown. It can be made from materials that look like your natural tooth, restoring the natural beauty of your smile. 

Each dental implant is custom-made to fit your mouth, so it will take more than one visit before your new tooth is ready. Your emergency dentist can refer you to an experienced dental implant provider. They will be able to assess your jaw health and recommend any restorative procedures needed to prepare your jaw for a dental implant. 


Periodontal Repair

Damage to your gums and surrounding tissues can complicate a dental emergency. Your gums are critical to maintaining the health of your mouth and teeth. When they are damaged at the same time as a broken tooth, additional repairs may be necessary to restore the health of your mouth. 

An emergency dentist can assess the health of your broken tooth and the surrounding tissue. If needed, they will refer you to a periodontal specialist who can recommend tissue or bone repair. By restoring the health of your gums, you’ll be able to ensure the health of your remaining natural teeth. 


Care When You Need It

No one expects to have a dental emergency. When you are suffering from a broken tooth or another dental issue, the caring staff at Toothsome are here to help. Situated in Chatswood and Baulkham Hills, our clinics are conveniently located to get you the care you need quickly. We always take the time to get to know you and discuss your treatment options, making sure you’re comfortable with all aspects of your treatment. Book your appointment today. 

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