Considering Dental Implant In Malaysia? Is It Worth the Risk?

dental implant malaysia baulkham hills

dental implant malaysia baulkham hills

Dental implants are a revolutionary technology that enables dentists to replace missing teeth with a permanent and stable solution that looks and feels like your natural teeth. This incredible technology does come with a higher price tag than a dental bridge or dentures.

Some Australians are resorting to dental tourism in countries like Malaysia, seeking cheaper dental implants. However, getting dental implants in Malaysia can come with some unforeseen costs that may impact your health and your wallet.


Dental Implants in Malaysia: Is It Worth the Risk?

Dental implant surgery is a complex, multi-stage procedure that requires impeccable skills and training, in addition to significant healing time. Due to the complexity of the surgery, there are several risks involved in getting dental implants in Malaysia including:


  • Poor Training

While many dentists in Malaysia are well-educated and highly skilled, they may not have had to undergo the rigorous training and accreditation required of Australian dentists. So, the results of the dental implant surgery may not be what you expect, and you may need additional dental work if the implant fails.


  • Lack of Regulation

Australian dentists are heavily regulated by the Dental Board of Australia and AHPRA.

dental implant surgery dental implant malaysia baulkham hills

Dentists must undergo professional development to remain accredited and licensed, which means they are always well trained in the latest dental techniques.

Dentists overseas may not have the same strict regulatory bodies as Australian dentists, so you can’t be assured of their skill level or the standards of their practice.

  • Inadequate Hygiene

Hygiene is a vital part of running a successful dental practice. Poor hygiene puts patients and staff at risk. Overseas dental clinics often do not have the same standard of cleanliness as Australian dental practices which leaves you vulnerable to pathogens.


  • Substandard Materials

A dental implant is only as strong as the material used. Substandard materials may mean that the implant fails and can result in additional surgeries to correct it.


  • Additional Surgeries

For many patients, surgeries such as a bone graft or sinus lift are required to stabilise the jaw before an implant can be placed. Extra surgery requires additional healing time which may extend your stay in Malaysia. This will increase your travel costs and may mean more days of missed work.


  • No Access to Medical or Dental History

Having the right medical information is vital to ensure the safety and comfort of patients during any dental procedure. Your medical history lets your dentist know about potential allergies to medication or previous procedures, which may complicate your dental implant surgery.

If you get dental implants in Malaysia, your dentist in Australia may not be able to access those records or may not have the correct components as they may not be available in Australia.


Affordable, High-Quality Dental Implants in Australia

Ultimately, the risks of getting dental implants in Malaysia far outweigh the cost of dental implant surgery in Australia. At Toothsome, we offer affordable, high-quality dental implants that are designed for your unique smile.

At Toothsome, we use Straumann Roxolid SLActive dental implants. Roxolid dental implants minimise the invasiveness of the implant procedure and the combination of zirconium and titanium offer a highly biocompatible implant surface for more successful integration.

We begin with an initial consultation to determine the condition of your oral health and perform any necessary diagnostic exams such as x-rays or a CT scan.

When we have answered all of your questions and you understand the steps involved, we can place the dental implant into your jaw bone. This simple dental implant procedure is performed in one or two stages and usually takes less than one hour. It can be performed under general anaesthetic or conscious sedation depending on your preference.

Once your dental implant has healed and integrated into the jawbone, the abutment and crown are attached.

We want all our patients to have the smile they deserve, and that is why we offer an affordable payment plan option through ZipMoney, which allows you to pay the cost of dental implant surgery in affordable installments.


The Takeaway

Dental implant surgery offers a permanent solution to replace missing teeth that enables you to eat and speak naturally. But getting dental implants overseas comes with some unforeseen potential risks that may end up costing you more.

Avoid the risks associated with getting a dental implant in Malaysia and call one of our Sydney dental practices to talk to our friendly staff about how we can restore your smile.


*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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